Down the Chicago River

Every view of Chicago is just as pleasing to the eye, but seeing the city from the Chicago River is quite the experience. I jumped on the Architecture Tour by Shoreline Sightseeing on a very hot and sunny day.

Once we had sailed into downtown, the shade from the towering walls of the city and the crisp breeze flowing right on the river made all the difference. The tour guide was very excited and passionate about the historic architecture. He made the tour very entertaining and shared so much knowledge. The load of fascinating history along the river was given to us as we sat back and enjoyed the views. It was done in such a way that it was as smooth as the ride itself. As a visitor, I was easily in awe of Chicago. With this experience alone, I was even more intrigued  by the thought and craft marked on the walls of the city that I wouldn't have noticed before. The skyscrapers reflected the vast blue above and the delicate clouds. The details of the structure froze the time it was created. From art deco to modern aged architecture, Chicago is a city contructed as true public art. 

Analinda Meneses