Point Reyes

We traced the Pacific coast eager to meet fellow Instagrammers from all over the world in Northern California.

After gathering over breakfast in San Francisco, I planned our day to explore Point Reyes before the Worldwide Instameet 13. Point Reyes is located in Marin County about 30 miles northwest of the city. Our first stop was the shipwreck. The rainclouds made for a dramatic scene at the site of the famous wreck. Following the main road, we came across the giant Monterrey cypress tree tunnel lining the entrance of the historic RCA/Marconi Station. This station was originally a wireless telegraph station in the early 20th century. Further out to the tip of the peninsula, is home to the quaint lighthouse at the end of the long stairway. The views Point Reyes offers fill you of serenity, sharing that with dear friends and photographers made this trip more fulfilling. 

Analinda Meneses