Worldwide Instameet 13

Worldwide Instameet 13 was hosted in Baker Beach in San Francisco on Friday April 22nd, 2016.

An abundance instagrammers got together and crowded the beach to take photographs, see friends, and meet new ones. Several people from all over the world were the hosts of this event. The main  group of people gathered that morning to shoot in Point Reyes before the event. We were able to catch cityscapes after as well that night after the event. The next morning, we all met in Yosemite and ran around the park socializing and taking photographs. 

This video sums up our activities throughout the entire weekend. This process what a simple app, photography, and good people could achieve when we come together. Sharing these experiences with new friends and old ones just overwhelms me with gratitude, especially having my brother venture with me in what I love doing most - travel and photography. 

Join us on this incredible journey!


Thank you to @ai.visuals, @yancycnay, @jikavisual, @misshattan, @independentcbh, @sfstateofmind24, @kingy_kings, @phives, @ericmarkdo, @pixelville, @andy.c.photograhpy, @killakristenn, @so.shauna, @2ndfloorguy, and @ayebruhvm. 

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