Antelope Canyon, Arizona


The walls of Antelope Canyon can be recognized all over the world.

I saw a photo of this place during my first week into summer vacation. I assumed it was in another country and across the world. Once I read the caption of the image, I found that it was located in Arizona. I quickly researched and confirmed the location - it was in fact located in my neighboring state!

I decided to take a road trip the following week to see this canyon for myself. The drive from Los Angeles to Antelope Canyon was about 9 hours, not counting the stops in Las Vegas and Zion National Park. The route took me into Utah in order to arrive in the northernmost point of Arizona to a town called Page.

I have visited Antelope Canyon a few times since my first trip there. Antelope Canyon is best seen around noon since the sun is high making the light beam into the canyons. Lower Antelope Canyon is more interactive as you have to climb up and down stairs and sometimes squeeze through the canyon. Upper Antelope Canyon is flat and crowded, easier to get through since people are with their tour guides. 

Both Lower and Upper Antelope Canyon are on Navajo land and visitors are required to pay an entrance fee. Upper Antelope Canyon requires a guided tour, which cost more midday. I believe the visit and fees are well worth the experience. You could see and feel the soft sediment on the walls, sometimes even moist after rainfall. The way the slot canyon is lit up and the colors play as the sun light shifts the shadows is nothing short of breathtaking. 

ArizonaAnalinda Meneses