Flying Over Florida

I always find comfort in seeing the sun vibrantly set in difference places of the world. No matter how far from home I may be, the same sun rises and sets. I exchange photos of the sunset with loved ones back home, knowing they are so far and yet so close. 

Catching the dramatic even from above is a much more exhilarating experience than below. Feeling weightless while soaring amongst the hues of the infinite sky. This particular sunset was special because I got to fly with my best friend for the first time as I visited her in Cocoa Beach, Florida. The incredible pilot, Garry, showed us around the port, beach and river. Over the bridge and above the famous Ron Jon's Surf Shop. 

Once the warm colors of golden hour turned cool, the reflection of the last light glistened on the waves of the ocean. I could see why Kelly Slater was drawn to the ocean while growing up in Cocoa Beach and still resides here after being a world champion eleven times. Each ripple invites and each ray of sun nurtures. This secluded piece of Florida is a true sanctuary. 

Analinda Meneses