Cocoa Beach

The rush of it all. From dragging our feet out of bed while the day is still dark. driving to see the sun rise with your best friend. bursting into laughter before the world opens their eyes. These moments are more than I could ever ask for.  

Tiffany (@tlk13) and I arrived at Cocoa Beach Pier. The world was serene in its blue. The fishermen stood on the wooden structure to cast time away. Clouds grew covered in warmth by the minute. The subtle yellow turned orange, and the orange turned a fiery pink. The rays peeked over the horizon. Followed by the perfectly rounded fireball. Such a monstrous glow, yet so far away that the chills from the morning breeze made us shiver. The sunrise was dramatic. Full of birds. Full of clouds. Full of colors of the world. Full of life. 

Good morning, world. 

Analinda Meneses