Behind the Scenes for Catalina Express

My brother, Ivan, and I were ecstatic while boarding the Catalina Express at the San Pedro terminal.

We held a camera in one hand and ticket in the other with our equipment and personal belongings were on our back. We heard the horn blow as the ship full of passengers eagerly sat waiting to depart. It was a fun balancing act trying to capture footage and photographs while the boat sailed over countless waves toward Catalina Island. Birds and dolphins greeted us along the way. Once we arrived on the island, we headed to Catalina Island Gold Cart to relieve our bodies from carrying the equipment and be able to get around the island efficiently. We checked into the historic Hermosa Hotel and stayed in one of their cottages. It was then when I met Jaime, a young and determined realtor excited to host us at his hotel. He was very generous telling us where to go and what to see on the island in order to capture beautiful views and have a great time while visiting. There's nothing like a genuine local giving the best advice!

Ivan and I started to film right away. Our first stop was Brown's Bikes. We rented a beach cruiser and a mountain bike to ride them around Lover's Cove. The sun was beaming down making the temperature climb by the hour. I quickly peddled along the path that outlined the cove only to pause and put my feet up, letting the bike cruise into the warm breeze. The cooled and turquoise saltwater was so inviting! After riding bikes, we headed over to Descanso Beach Club to kayak and go for a swim. 

We ended out day at Maggie's Blue Rose Mexican restaurant in the heart of the town. We were greeted by the lovely Margaret who ran around making sure every guest was satisfied. It is impossible not to be satisfied with all the divine drinks, delicious food from my family's homeland, and being catered to by a very attentive staff. Once we finished, I was in dire need of rest after an active day of filming while looking forward to another one the next day. Ivan decided to to stall us and just sit for a moment longer. With a wet bathing suit under my clothes, aching muscles, and a full stomach - I turn to Ivan after several minutes and sternly pleaded to get up so we could go. He replied calmly stating he simply wanted to sit for a while longer. I agreed to stay a while longer but was also confused as he looked around the restaurant and at his phone. It was just then that Margaret brought vanilla ice cream with a candle on top and wished me a happy birthday. "Don't make me sing," Ivan said nodding his head and reaching for the ice cream. I quickly agreed so we could indulge in the dessert celebrating 26 years of life. 

 View of the harbor just up the road from Chimes Tower. 
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