Milos, Greece


Milos - the island of natural hues of the Earth exuding from every direction was my home for four days.

With only a three hour ride on the ferry from Athens, I arrived at the port and rented a car from Niko's by the marina. The first thing I did was drive 20 minutes to the opposite end of the island. With distant farms and small white houses on the way, I realized I was far from the city. Milos was a rural island and I was glad that it was! 

Without a gps, cell service, or clear map, I struggled to find my hotel in a few block radius because all the structures were white. The neighborhood was quaint and only the sound of the ocean waves filled the air. The hotel faced away from the small town to its own edge of the island touching the turquoise water. As I walked up to the hotel, it looked more and more like the ultimate haven I have ever seen. It glowed with white next to the glistening water of the Aegean Sea. The owner generously upgraded my room to the suite above the reception overlooking the ocean with two balconies. Life could not have been sweeter than the moment I jumped on the bed and looked out to the view. I opened my eyes every morning to the hues of gray shading the white room and furniture before the sunrise. A more crisp breathe of air could not exist and it felt even better with the roar of the sea coming through the cracked balcony doors. 

The volcanic Greek island offered so many different beaches within a 30 mile radius. From the red beach of Firiplaka to the white beach of Sarakiniko - Milos was in fact the most colorful place. The fierce red from the rocks burns with the sunlight and the white sediment mirrored the rays. I made it a point to visit each and every beach, with much success, I am glad I got to see a true gem in the southern part of the Cyclades. 

GreeceAnalinda Meneses