Paint it

When you feel like being artistic with your natural and beautiful features, make sure you are good to them. I have used several makeup products, some from a local  convenience store and Others from brand names found in a specialized makeup store or counters in a department store. After trying different products and brands, a woman usually establishes her go-to products and sticks with a routine. 

Every time I washed makeup off, I was left with promised redness, irritation, some swelling and very irritated eyes. I dealt with it for over 7 years while being so sure that my go to products worked great for me. I liked the looks I had created, although deep down I knew applying make up had consequences. My eyes suffered the most. I wanted to be more careful with such fragile tissue. I dove into a new make up brand in hopes of getting rid of the symptoms and minding what chemicals were on my face. 

I brought home the Zuzu Luxe Liquid Eyeliner and was impressed by the consistency, boldness, and effortless application. My signature winged eyeliner was not sacrificed in its precision. I washed my face that night, expecting the normal reaction. My eyes felt weightless and fresh as if I had not worn make up all day long. It was then that I knew I had stumbled upon a life changing journey. I tried several more products by Gabriel Cosmetics and fell in love with each and every single one. From nail lacquer to eye shadow, I know every product is clear of toxins, gluten and cruelty while accentuating my features. Tossing my entire make up bag and starting clean made perfect sense. The most beautiful glow is the natural glow, and that could be achieved with natural products as well and without. My body is my canvas and it deserves to be treated just as sacred as my energy. It is all intertwined. You look as healthy and radiant as you feel on the inside. And if my skin feels as weightless and healthy as I do from the inside - the light will shine through even brighter.

You are the same exact you with make up or without. Full of life, color, uniqueness and power. Treat yourself on the inside to becoming an artist and playing with makeup. Treat yourself on the outside to a healthy and mindful choice of products. 



Analinda Meneses