Coming Full Circle with Analinda Meneses

An interview by Jocelyn Valencia

Photo: Nevin Xavier

Photo: Nevin Xavier

Traveling Wanderess, Analinda Meneses, is a full time elementary school teacher that has overcome so many adversities in her life and has made the most out of it. Inspired by her struggles to just get up, get out and explore! She's experienced awakenings to live a life worth living and along her spiraling journey, she comes to realize how everything comes full circle. 

She may just leave to a new city right after school on Friday and come back just in time for work Monday morning to share with her students about her travels. 

Analinda Meneses, a social media influencer, may come off as someone who travels for a living but in reality, she just makes traveling possible. In this feature interview, the Traveling Wanderess discusses starting her blog, hitting rock bottom, and the top three lessons she'd like to always remind herself of.


You mentioned how family trips to Guadalajara (taking different routes each time) inspired you to live a travel filled life! What’s the most memorable moment you have with your family from these trips?

Every year we took (it seems like) a different car - the mobile home, a small four door car, a mini van… we always took different cars! My favorite was probably the mobile home because the times we took it, there was a bed above the passenger seat with a window looking straight out and I would just look out the entire time. My mom would take coloring books and different activities for us and all I’d want to do is look out the window all through the night to see all the stars. Especially going down through Texas to Guadalajara, which was a much longer route but that was probably the most beautiful for me. Looking at the night sky or just getting off at gas stations and running around were two of my favorite parts of the road trips. I cherish those because we don’t travel as a family anymore. 


What was the first destination you visited on your own without your family?

Everyone has a bucket list. My number one thing was visiting Venice, Italy but it seemed so out of reach. Like the craziest dream. Being from a lower-middle class family, a Latina living in LA, this was never going to happen. It was just a dream. Not something that I’d be able to cross off. The first thing I put (because it was the craziest thing ever) was going to Venice, Italy. 

In my early twenties, I was trying to be an avid runner and I would train for marathons. I couldn’t really run like I wanted to and then doctors were saying that I shouldn’t run. From arthritis to tendinitis to different things they were filling out for many, many months it would be hard for me to run at all. It was sometimes even hard for me to walk. I didn’t know it was going to happen, so I booked a trip. I left right when I turned 23. I took the trip by myself, without my family. I went from Venice down to Rome and took a cruise around the Mediterranean. Then I went back to Venice and flew back home in two weeks. Probably the craziest thing I’ve ever done but that’s what triggered it. I loved the high of being in those places and crossing that off and being like, “I’m here!”


“I thought my heart was pretty full and when I got [to Greece] I was just like, ‘Oh my god. You guys are filling it up even more.’ ”

— Analinda Meneses



Analinda Meneses