Made to Wander

I have more fingers on my hands than I have pairs of shoes in my closet. I have always tried to own a little as possible and that started at a very young age.

My interest has always been in the outside world rather than being indoors and shopping or collecting. Each piece of clothing, product or shoes I own has a purpose and it has to worth every penny. There are two pairs of shoes I use the most and they make my life so easy. I never have to decide on what to wear, I only have to decide on where to go!

The black slip-ons are my shoes for life. I use them day to day while I am running errands, in the classroom, lounging at home, hanging with friends, heading out for a date night and shooting the sunset from the air. They cover everything in between the sea and the mountains - which is everything I could ever ask for. Easy to slip on and slip off, the original Soludos are my favorite! Naturally comfortable, fashionably effortless.

When the terrain get rough, I go to my field boots. They keep my feet safe and dry. Sure, their name may be recognized around the world.  These Timberland field boots are made to conquer trails and that is exactly why I have them. It takes one investment into a trusted brand to get a product worthy of owning. These babies will last a long time under my possession and they will take me far. I have had my fair share of blisters and aching feet while hitting the trails, but that is now in the past. I appreciate the design and am grateful for the intention taken into engineering a purposeful and comfortable shoe.


Analinda Meneses