Lucky in Santorini

When arriving in Santorini, the first major town tourists come across is Fira.

Thank goodness Lucky's Souvlakis is located near the beginning of Fira because more people could have their lives changes as mine did. For over a week in Santorini, thanks to the boats that were not in service for days, I have no shame in letting everyone know I had at least two meals a day at Lucky's. I wouldn't want to be stranded anywhere else in the world other than Santorini with the greatest of Greek cuisine on hand. Lucky, the owner, lives intensely in the moment and his love for life and food is quite contagious. 

Tourists from all over the world, most with language barriers, get a humble greeting and quite an awakening once they get the first bite of pork or chicken souvlaki. The taste is like no other in the rest of Greece. Lucky raises the animals at his farm, prepares the meat, and cooks. One would think his work will be done but that is only the beginning. If you are as lucky as he is, you might hear wise words, share a drink, or even join in a dance! Opa! 


Thank you to the souvlaki legend, Lucky!

Analinda Meneses