Best for Last


As challenging as it may be, due to all the fantastic starters and entrees, never forget to save room for dessert at Twisted Oak Tavern. Lets just start with the Donut Bread Pudding with bourbon caramel sauce, chocolate chips, walnut dust, and vanilla ice cream. 

I will let that sink in for a minute - Donut Bread Pudding. 

It is a piece of culinary ingenuity waiting for us in Agoura Hills, California. It is quite the drive from Los Angeles, but worth every mile. Besides, I'd rather get away from traffic and indulge in the Chocolate Lava Cake once anytime. I love chocolate more than anything else I consume and I will confess that this dessert takes the cake for all things chocolate. The Chocolate Lava Cake is served with a bourbon whipped cream and chocolate coffee crumbles. Heaven! 

Analinda Meneses