Photo: Luis Trujillo, MUA: Ana Safazada

Photo: Luis Trujillo, MUA: Ana Safazada

Analinda Meneses is a Content Marketing visionary, experienced in curating digital content and copy that engages and informs a target audiences through storytelling. her work has helped brands like Timberland, Altamed, and Norwegian Cruise Line.

Analinda was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. With a curiosity about the play and science of language, she studied and worked in the education field focusing on language acquisition and development.

Translating her passion and merging it with the gift of successfully conveying a concept through the connectedness of storytelling and engagement, she has refined the craft and has served her clients to refine their brand strategy and development, content marketing initiatives and measurement of the outcome.

Analinda has mastered the process of marketing from concept to completion with the same eye behind the camera guiding her creative campaigns through conception, production, editing and publishing.